Architectural Design

Beautifully designed spaces and structures can enhance the quality of life for those who use and enjoy them. Good architecture ensures that a building effectively suits its purpose and provides a harmonious and happy place to live and work.

With many years in the industry, gyd architects has a wealth of experience to draw upon to provide knowledgeable, creative and flexible architectural design solutions. We have a large body of previous projects which demonstrate the diversity of our work, from small extensions or loft conversions to garden studios and large commercial new builds.

Our breadth of experience means we are comfortable working with buildings of all ages, in a wide variety of spaces and within a range of different environments.

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Structural Engineering

The role of structural engineers is crucial in architecture and construction. They play a fundamental role in ensuring the safety, stability, and integrity of buildings and structures.

During the early stages of design, we consult with our in-house structural engineers on more challenging and complex schemes.

From engineering design and analysis, to specifying the individual elements of a structure, such as beams, columns and floors of a building, our structural engineers are responsible for ensuring sound structural design and integrity of work. They will provide structural drawings and calculations which we use during design and building work.

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Construction Management

In order to ensure schemes we have devised for our clients are implemented to the highest specification, we can project manage and oversee the construction of your building project.  We have an excellent track record of working with both our own builders or other companies to ensure a project runs smoothly and that high standards are met.

gyd architects works to ensure that all parties collaborate to produce outstanding results. Freeing up a client’s valuable time, and helping to minimise stress, gyd architects manages the daily details of all ongoing works, while regularly liaising with the client.

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